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     Roughly 20 years ago I got the bug to start writing.  I came up with lots of good ideas, but never really finished (and in some cases never started ) anything.  Now it seems that wayward bug has visited me again. So, I have started writing once again. Hopefully this go-round I will finish and publish enough stuff to keep people interested . More importantly, keep myself interested.

     As I complete and post my work, I would appreciate any feedback you have so that I may continue to hone my skills and grow as a writer. My goal is to touch people and convey with words the emotions we all feel, but just somehow can’t explain. Also to show them that they may not be as alone in this world as they think they are.

     Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.

Kurt Frazier


Happy New Year 2017

Last New Year’s I Named 2015 my “Year of Enlightenment”. I continued the changes I made into 2016 and still continue my open mindedness to this day.

This New Year’s I am naming 2016 my “Year of Physical, Mental, and Environmental Health” . Towards the end of 2015 I watched a documentary that profoundly impacted me. It’s called “Racing Extinction” and it explores how we are impacting the environment to the point where we are currently in motion for the 6th mass extinction event for Earth. It was a real wake up call. So much so that I took it’s movement’s slogan, “Start with one thing”, to heart.

One of the facts presented showed that if  everyone just refrained from eating meat one day a week it would be the equivalent of taking 7-8 Million cars off the road environmentally speaking. So I started researching vegetarian and veganism . Leilani Munter, who was the driver of the Modified Tesla projection car in the documentary and an outspoken Vegan, was someone I already followed on Twitter. So I tweeted her for more info on protein substitutions. Happily she replied to my tweet and suggested that I watch another documentary called “Forks Over Knives” to learn more about a plant based diet. I watched it and learned so much about the health benefits of a plant based diet that it solidified my resolve to make a change . The change was for not only the environment but for my own health and quality of life as well.

Starting at the beginning of the year I began as a vegetarian thinking  I would ease into becoming a Vegan. However after a couple of days I just jumped in and went all Vegan. I bought a couple of cookbooks and started shopping at Whole Foods and Sprouts to get produce and healthier options. I did a lot of experimenting at first to find things I like and once I had a base of things, it made shopping and meal planning easier. It has been challenging because I am the only one in the house doing it so there are two grocery lists and different meals planned for dinners. However my awesome wife Lori has really helped me and been very supportive. She and my mother made the two big holiday meals, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, a lot easier by making special versions of my favorite dishes for me as well. I continue to eat Vegan and the health benefits covered in “Forks Over Knives” are real. I lost ~20lbs and have not felt this great in years. All of my health screenings have been great as well. I will continue this indefinitely and hopefully it will help me to live a long, healthy , and enjoyable life.

Along the lines of increasing the quality of my life, I started delving into my mental health as well.  I started reading Eastern philosophies such as the “The Art of Peace” by Morihei Ueshiba , the founder of the martial art Aikido. I also started meditating using a guided meditation app called Headspace. I only did the 10 day trial and unfortunately haven’t been good about making the practice into a habit. However that will be a goal for 2017.

While there were very positive changes in my life this past year, there were still some negatives , but none that weren’t, or couldn’t be, overcome . In March I lost my job due to my company closing my facility down and I was not able or willing to relocate. So I contacting people in my network and fortunately one of my former companies was willing to hire me at a higher salary and matching or exceeding all of the benefits I had before.

Overall 2016 turned out to be a good year for me, Lori and the girls. Lori and I continue to fall deeper into love with each passing moment. Taylor and Spenser are now both back living at home and Lori loves having her babies home. Which especially helped this year because my new job had me working quite a bit during the last half of the year.

While many people are looking forward to 2017 with a sense of dread, I however am going to continue to focus on myself and the things that I can control. Striving daily to be the best person I can be. Being kind to others (Kindness is Magic by the way). Making some art (Writing and recording Music, Writing prose and poetry). Taking time to read more. Continuing my search for truth, peace and joy .Taking care of myself, my family, my planet and leaving the world a better place than I found it.

I wish you all Peace, Bravery, and Joy for the coming year 2017.

Happy New Year 2016

Last New Year’s, I named 2014 “The Year I reconnected with Music”, and I have continued on with that to this day. I started writing a few songs and even bought a bass amp.

So this New Year’s I must name 2015 my “Year of Enlightenment”. Lots of things changed for me in my world view as well as my spiritual view. Tim Minchin said “Every so often you should take your beliefs and values out on to the veranda and give them a good beating with a cricket bat”.

So I figuratively did that. It didn’t really happen all at once, kind of slowly as I analyzed why I thought about things the way I did. I started the year as a right wing Christian and now I find myself as an open minded independent agnostic humanist.  I still like to believe there is a God out there watching over us and I pray every day.  However I have completely discarded religion as a construct of man, too divisive to be any good for any of us. Because of religion I found myself being adamantly against marriage equality when I had LGBT friends in long term relationships that are some of the best people you would ever meet. I also found myself believing that climate change was a false left wing agenda ignoring the science and evidence.

So I stepped outside of myself and really took a look. None of it made sense. I started listening to others that I had discounted as non-believers and left wing loonies. What I found was my way of thinking was contributing to the current situation in the world where we are all so polarized. Left or right, black or white, believer or atheist, Christian or Muslim. When I really started LISTENING, I found that truth is somewhere in the middle, and I must be open to differing perspectives in order to find my own truth and to make any constructive change in the world around me. I hope that into this New Year of 2016 and beyond, I will continue this discovery and growth, and others will also get out their cricket bats and proceed to the veranda….

Pratchett Fans Ask Death To ‘Take Clarkson Instead’

The Beezly Street Gazette

The sun has set for the final time upon the city of Ankh-Morpork, and fans of beloved author Terry Pratchett are already asking Death to do ‘Swapsies’ for Jeremy Clarkson.

terry pratchett

A fan from Dublin said:

“I know Mort said ‘THERE’S NO JUSTICE. JUST US.’ but it’s just so horribly unfair. It’s not much to ask to bring him back, and take that egotistical, flappy-faced bigot Jeremy Clarkson instead, and we’ll even throw in Robin Thicke or E.L James. We’ll all pretend it never happened,”

A bereavement councillor, atheist and voracious reader said:

“Bargaining is a natural stage of grief, and many of us try to make a deal with God, Death and other supernatural forces as a way of coping with loss. Not once, in any single case has this ever worked. It is about as effective as asking the dog to do the washing up. But oh go on…

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Never Forget

       It’s hard to believe that it has been 12 Years since that eerily clear and calm Tuesday morning that rapidly changed to chaos, fear, and the loss of life and innocence. This morning I find myself with a mix of emotions. Sadness for the families of those lost that must relive this every year on this day. Thankfulness that I didn’t lose anyone close to me then. Guilt about that thankfulness. Anger. So much anger. Anger at those who did this. Anger at the total change in our daily lives. Anger at the decline of our country since. Anger at our Government on both sides of the aisle that have devolved into a blatantly self serving, power hungry, corrupt group of criminals that have departed so far from the ideals that made this Nation great once upon a time. Anger that ironically, on this day dubbed “Patriot Day”, that because I have Patriotic views , I am considered an “Extremist” and could be considered an enemy of the state.
      Last but not least, I do still have HOPE. Hope that one day the people of this country will wake up and throw out this Government that is no longer, of the people, by the people, and for the people. Just as our constitution tells us we should do if we deem it necessary. Hope that my children , their children, and many generations to come , will someday know the warm feeling of true freedom , patriotism and pride in your country.

God bless us all and God bless the United States of America!

Escape Pod

Angular motion
Limitless space
Floating away
Escape this place

Hidden Truth

The devil, they say, is in the details.
Truth obscured that often fails, and
Is covered by time.
Sometimes struggling.
Hidden deeply and masked
In piles of regretting
The past choices.
Details are often overlooked, but
Love can be found, and
Is more powerful than
The strength of anyone’s
Answer of denial.

Love Effect

She looks at me
My heart melts

She touches me
My heart melts

She kisses me
My heart melts

She is gone
My heart breaks

Night Journey

Slip to darkness
Slip to darkness
Lose the conscious trail

Swim the ocean
Swim the ocean
The ephemeral dream sea

Escape the world
Escape the world
Transcend to internal bliss

Sadness fills the dreaming heart



Enter the Dreaming

Nighttime splendor
in the tall mind grass
Bubbles with faerie’s wings
drift by so fast

Cool breeze of happiness
blows through my hair
How long can it be?
Am I already there?

The Bone Gate stands
ominous, lurking and sad
As if it weeps for the loss
of the life that I had

Don’t cry for me
my ancient old man
I’ve just come to see Morpheus
the king of this land